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Mr Andreas Rodias' CV

Mr Andreas Rodias

Who is the New President of the Pedoulas Expatriates Association

He was born in 1943 at Pedoulas to Yiannis K. Rodias and Maroulla Ch. Petrou. He graduated from the Pedoulas Gymnasium with a mark of excellence. In 1962 he went to Greece on a scholarship by the Greek Government and studied at the Economic Department of the Athens School of Higher Economic and Commercial Sciences (A.S.O.E.E.).

In Athens he became very active in the Cyprus student movement – the Cyprus National Student Union (E.F.E.K.). During his five years in Athens, Rodias served as Treasurer, General Secretary and Vice President of the EFEK Council. The EFEK Administrative Council then represented the Makarios camp (occupying 6 of the 7 council posts). On account of this involvement, Mr. A. Rodias in May 1967 was persecuted by the Athens Junta. Following a search in his house, members of the military junta arrested him and took him to the EFEK offices (Amerikis Street No 9) in order to surrender the premises and assets of EFEK to the Junta. At that time, A. Rodias held the office of EFEK General Secretary.

Having finished his studies, he returned to Cyprus and was employed by the Labour and Social Insurance Ministry of Cyprus for 16 years. For another 20 years he served with the Statistical Services of the Finance Ministry, retiring at the end of 2005.

In 1978 he did post – graduate studies in Statistics and National Accounts at the ISS in the Hague on a scholarship by the Dutch Government. In 1986 he won another scholarship by the Fulbright Foundation for a three-month course in employment, underemployment and unemployment in Washington, USA.

In 1980 he was actively involved in founding the Centre Union under the late Tassos Papadopoulos, while in 1982 he played a leading part in the establishment of the Pedoulas Expatriates Association.

He was for 8 years appointed by the Council of Ministers as member of the Governmental Committee for the Administration of the National Lottery and represented Cyprus in international conferences relating to the National Lottery at Oslo, Rome, Stockholm, Vancouver, Antalya and Buenos Aires.

He also served for 8 years by decision of the Council of Ministers as Chairman of the Pedoulas School Authority. During his tenure central heating was installed in the schools of Pedoulas, the ceremony hall was extended by the late Andreas Ellinas and Nicos Symeonides (at the time serving as Permanent Secretary of the Education and Culture Ministry (ECM). A hall for establishing the Pedoulas Byzantine Museum was also secured by Mr. A. Fylaktou (ECM Permanent Secretary).

At the time of the coup in 1974, A. Rodias was arrested and detained for several hours at the Pedoulas Police Station by fellow villagers as a dangerous Makarios supporter.

Following the dissolution of the Centre Union, he became actively involved with DE.KO. and for the past 20 years he is elected to the Central Committee as member.

During his term in the Statistical Service and the last ten years in particular, he represented Cyprus at 32 international meetings, which were held in almost all of the European capitals, mainly in Luxembourg, aiming at the harmonization of Cyprus’ statistics with those of the European Union (EUROSTAT).

With the establishment of the Pedoulas Byzantine Museum in 1999 and upon a suggestion by the Museum founder, the late Andreas Ellinas, A. Rodias took over as Secretary of the Administrative Council of the Pedoulas Byzantine Museum.

He is married to Maroulla Christou Pitsillide of Limassol, a shot put and discus champion for Cyprus and Greece. He fathered two children with her, Christos, a dentist, and Yianna, a bank employee. He has three grand children, Maria, Andreas and Antonia.