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Pedoulas Expatriates Association

The expatriates association of Pedoulas was founded in 1982, with the specific aim of halting the decline of the village economy. All the members of the Association were born in Pedoulas and educated in the community schools. Most of them now prosper in cyprus or abroad , in Greece, Great Britain, Australia and in many other countries. It is estimated that there are three times as many Pedoulians living abroad as there are living in the village. The association keeps in constant touch with all the members, whom it provides with publications and magazines that give information about aspects of village life as well as updates on the problems that face us.

The Pedoulas Expatriates Association (SAP) was formed in the Easter of 1982 at a Founding Conference which took place at the Pedoulas Gymnasium (Eurydice and Loucas Ellinas hall).

The purpose of establishing SAP was to join the forces of the expatriates (both those living in Cyprus and abroad) with those of the Local Authorities of Pedoulas and various Government Departments in order to halt the apparent decline of the community due to an urban shift of the population.

SAP is governed by an Administrative Council composed of 11 members while there is also a three-member Auditing Committee. There are also District Committees functioning in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos, as well as active branches in Australia and Britain.

To date SAP numbers 620 members as follows:

  • Cyprus: 520 members,
  • Australia: 67 members,
  • Greece: 20 members,
  • Britain: 10 members,
  • Seychelles: 1 member,
  • Rumania: 1 member, and
  • Germany: 1 member.

SAP revenue comes from annual membership subscriptions, contributions by members and friends of the Association and from the ticket sales of various events held by the Association. SAP income in the 28 years of its existence has reached €440,000 while total expenses rose to €433,000, all used for the benefit of Pedoulas. A full breakdown of SAP expenditure can be found in the 6th edition of the “PEDOULAS” magazine.

In cooperation with our unforgettable honorary Vice President, the late Andreas Ellinas, our Association succeeded in twinning Pedoulas with the Municipalities of Paiania and Trikolonon-Arkadias in Greece.

So far 6 editions of the “PEDOULAS” magazine have been published. We have also published an English language book titled “The Village of Pedoulas.”

Since 1982 to the present the following notable citizens of Pedoulas have held the office of SAP President:

  1. Vasos P. Vasilopoulos (deceased)
  2. Andreas Ch. Poyiatzis (deceased)
  3. Loizos Karamichalis
  4. Yiannakis Epaminondas

Andreas Rodias, formerly SAP Secretary, was elected to the office of President in August 2009.

The current Central Administrative Council of SAP consists of the following persons:


  1. Andreas Rodias President
  2. Socrates Constantinides Vice - President
  3. Pantelis Nicolaides Secretary
  4. Christakis Charalambous Treasurer
  5. Aphrodite Pavlou Events Director
  6. Eleni Agathangelou Assistant Secretary
  7. Stelios Avgousti Assistant Treasurer
  8. Christakis Georgiades Member
  9. Theodoros Chorattas Member
  10. Tasos Epaminondas Member
  11. Sotiris Avgoustis Member

1. Ioannis Theodotou
2. Epaminondas Epaminondou
3. Stavros Charalambides

The following are currently serving as Presidents of SAP District Committees (D/C) in Cyprus and overseas branches:

  1. Pantelis Nicolaides President, Nicosia D/C
  2. Christos Georgiades President, Limassol D/C
  3. Λenia Antoniou President, Larnaca D/C
  4. Kendeas Zamyrinis President, Paphos D/C
  5. Loucas Tsangarides President, SAP UK Branch
  6. Panikos Achilleos President, SAP Australia Branch

The SAP Administrative Council by resolutions adopted in two meetings held in 1990 and 9/2009 conferred an honorary title to the following members in recognition of their contribution to the Association:

  1. Loucas Hadjioannou, Honorary President (deceased)
  2. Vasos Hadjioannou, Honorary Vice-president (deceased)
  3. Andreas Ellinas, Honorary Vice – president
  4. Stelios Koudounaris, Honorary Vice – president

Honorary Members

  1. Vasos P. Vasilopoulos, (deceased)
  2. Andreas Ch. Poyiatzis (deceased)
  3. Loizos Ch. Epaminondas (deceased)
  4. Padre Charalambos Kourris
  5. Michalakis L. Ellinas
  6. Loucas A. Ellinas
  7. Michalakis P. Hadjioannou
  8. Polys L. Hadjioannou
  9. Polys V. Hadjioannou
  10. Michalakis A. Loucaides
  11. Kyriakos Christofi
  12. Loizos S. Karamichalis
  13. Yiannakis Ch. Epaminondas
  14. Panayiotis Herodotou
  15. Marios A. Constantinou
  16. Andreas X. Koudounaris
  17. Loucas N. Tsangarides
  18. Panos Papakokkinos
  19. Demos P. Hadjioannou
  20. Chrysanthos P. Hadjioannou