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Ο Πεδουλάς - Γενικά

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Surrounded by pine woods, rich spring waters and cherry trees, the village of Pedhoulas lies in the Marathasa valley, high on the Troodos mountain, at an altitude of approximately 1100 m. It takes the same time to reach Pedhoulas either from the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, or the town of Limassol on the south coast of the island. Pedhoulas is also situated very close to other villages such as the ones of Kalopanayiotis, Moutoullas and Prodromos while a short drive too from Olympos, the highest mountain peak on the island.

According to tradition Pedoulas’ name comes from two other words, “pediada” which means valley and “las” which means people.
Pedhoulas attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year, being a very popular resort for Cypriots during the summer months. Visitors come to Pedhoulas looking forward to enjoying the refreshing cool and dry climate of the area while taking a break away from the noise of the city and the strain of modern life. In Pedhoulas the visitor enjoys the natural beauty of the place while experiencing local traditional hospitality.

An ideal destination for nature lovers, the village offers a great choice of nature trails for those that love to walk as well as for the ones who prefer to cycle.

At the same time one can visit many interesting places such as the local Byzantine museum which exhibits valuable religious items coming from 6 of the 12 chapels of the village. At the Folcloric museum one can see tools and photos bringing to life a number of traditional crafts such as the ones of the chair-maker, the baker, the metal-worker, the zivania producer, as well as many other articles related to village life.

The visitor can also visit the chapel of Archangelos Michael (built in 1474 A.D.). The chapel was included in the catalogue of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1985. It presents incredible wall paintings of the New Testament and many religious figures painted by the well-known artist Minas. Another walk can take the visitor to the chapel of the Holy Cross of Fithkia. An impressive cross of 25 metres height can be found in the yard of the chapel.

Any time of the year, Pedhoulas is ready to warmly welcome you, having a lot to offer regardless of the season: Come to help us pick up cherries in June or grapes in September or just to assist us in local sweets making all year round. Come to enjoy the snow in January or the cool breeze in June. Come to enjoy the breathtaking nature in spring with all cherry trees dressed in white or join us during autumn to admire the amazing colour of falling leaves.